The California Equity Accord and New Social Contract for California

Creating an inclusive, just, and prosperous future for all through transformative solidarity. This work calls on all of us who are working towards this future to build our collective power and achieve liberating impact for communities of color, low-income communities, and other marginalized groups.

Learn how leaders across the state are forging this historic agreement.

Civic engagement and community voice are the heart and soul of U.S. democracy. We need a new, community-generated social compact to assert the vision and policy framework for an inclusive 21st-century America.

Dr. Bob Ross

President, The California Endowment

Moving Forward

California has emerged as a powerful voice for equity, fairness, and shared prosperity. Determined activists, cutting-edge thinkers, and courageous grassroots leaders have identified the right solutions to build and sustain an inclusive economy, a fair and robust democracy, and healthy communities of opportunity for all.   The statewide effort builds on years of cultural shifts, organizing successes and policy wins – elevating voice, visibility and value of all. It envisions making California a national and global model that fulfills the democratic promise of justice and opportunity for all.   In the fall of 2018, several dozen leaders from across the state will begin to articulate the core values and principles that can bring together millions of Californians and thousands of organizations, agencies, and businesses under the banner of inclusion. The convening is supported by The California Endowment.


The following is a partial list of leaders engaged in planning the the long-term strategy of power-building and solidarity across California.

Angela Glover Blackwell


Anthony Iton

The California Endowment

Anthony Thigpenn

California Calls

Bob Ross

The California Endowment

Jennifer Martinez

PICO California

Joseph McKellar

PICO California

john a. powell

Othering & Belonging Institute

Laphonza Butler

Former SEIU, Regent of the University of California

Lisa García Bedolla

Institute of Governmental Studies at University of California Berkeley

Manuel Pastor

Program for Environmental and Regional Equity at University of Southern California

Sarah Eagle Heart

Native Americans in Philanthropy


Learn more more about a new social compact is needed and how it can drive large-scale, long-term change.

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